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    image annuaire pour cancer

    Differentiation therapy by extracts of embryo cell nuclei : a possibility f...

    Various chemical and biochemical differentiation compounds have been shown to revert to normal state several kinds of cancer cells. As embryonic and cancer cells present […]

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    light 4

    Compatibility of the ether theory with the polarization of light and its pr...

    A model of longitudinal vibrations propagating in ether-like medium can account for polarization of light : parallel light would be polarized in a plane when […]

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    An alternative theory of gravitation,derived from the Fatio-Le Sage’s...

    An alternative theory of gravitation accounting for phenomena generally explained by the General Theory of Relativity, such as the light deflexion by Sun, the gravitational […]

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    image annuaire3 (2)

    Origin and properties of material particles

    Ether is hypothesized to be constituted of vibrating corpuscles, circulating isotropically with the speed of light and to be at the origin of the charged […]

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    Figure 4'

    An alternative method to calculate the mass defects of some atom nuclei

    An alternative method is proposed to calculate the mass defects of several light atomic nuclei and to compare those of Iron and Uranium. It is […]

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    New relationships for subatomic particle characteristics and their conseque...

    An  empirical equation between the mass and the radius of the proton is proposed, which agrees with the experimental values at the 7.2 .10-4 level and […]

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